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UniTT - Conventions: Enacting Culture

Enacting Culture
Embodiment, Interaction and the Development of Human Culture

International Conference, Heidelberg, 15th-17th October, 2014

Venue: Print Media Academy, Kurfürsten-Anlage 52-60, 69115 Heidelberg

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to Heidelberg and the international conference "Enacting Culture", organized by the European Research Network TESIS ("Towards an Embodied Science of Intersubjectivity"). The conference addresses the complex reciprocal interplay of biological and social factors in the shaping and development of human culture. Three main sections will address the following questions:

1) Nature and Culture: Continuity, Emergence or Negation?
Enactivism investigates the sensorimotor capacities that enable humans and animals to interact with the environment and conspecifics in particular ways. Can culture be considered as a continuous development of such natural embodied skills, does it "emerge" from the basic forms of social interaction, or does it rather require a "negation" or some form of distancing from nature?

2) Embodied Intersubjectivity as a Basis of Culture
Can the new paradigm of embodied and enactive approach to intersubjectivity contribute to a clarification of cultural phenomena? How shall we conceptualize the relation between pre-linguistic intersubjective phenomena and higher symbolic phenomena that involve language?

3) Psychopathology and Culture
What are the principal anthropological preconditions for humans to be vulnerable to mental illness? Which cultural settings make it more or less probable for certain types of mental illness to appear and spread in a population? Could psychopathological states be interpreted as withdrawals from the common sphere of the cultural life-world and thus from embodied interactions?

A number of distinguished speakers from inside and outside the TESIS network have been invited for the conference. We look forward to a stimulating exchange of views and to fruitful discussions.

Thomas Fuchs
Karl Jaspers Professor
of Philosophy and Psychiatry

Christoph Durt
TESIS Marie Curie Experienced Researcher

Laura Galbusera

Marie Curie Research Fellow

Stefano Micali
Phenomenological Section
University of Heidelberg

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